On this page I describe the 'decoration' of my aquarium. The two things in my aquarium I call decoration are a piece of rood-wood and the back wall of my aquarium.

The rood-wood

The rood-wood I have in my aquarium I bought to vary with the plants. Because this wood can give the aquarium water a brown color, I bought this wood some weeks before I started the aquarium. This peace of rood-wood I've kept from then till I started up the aquarium in a bucket with water. If this water was colored brown I changed it for new (hot) water. At the time I started my aquarium the wood almost didn't color the water brown, so it didn't gave any problems in my aquarium. For the bit of color that probably still came of from the wood, I used  active filtering carbon in my filter which keeps the water clear. 

Although the rood-wood in my aquarium didn't gave any problems I've seen (in my sisters aquarium) that even after weeks in a bucket with water the wood still colored the water so much that it couldn't be used in the aquarium. Besides the risk that a piece of rood-wood will color the water I still chose for this decoration. This because fishes almost can't hurt themselves on rood-wood and it looks more natural than most of the rocks for sale in the aquarium shop.

The back wall

The back wall of my aquarium is a black polystyrene plate with relief on it. I've chosen for this back wall, because the dark backside of the aquarium makes the aquarium look better and is a good contrast with the plants. Also the fishes appreciate it when one side of the aquarium is blinded. Although a polystyrene plate in the aquarium takes in a small part of the aquarium, I've still chosen for this kind of back wall. This because I find a wall with relief much better looking than a straight black wall are even worse (in my opinion) a back wall with aquarium plants printed on it. 

Because the polystyrene floats on water it has to be glued to the back of the aquarium. In most aquarium books a silicone glue is advised for this. I myself haven't got good experiences with this, because the silicone glue I had used to glue the polystyrene plate to the back of the aquarium appeared to be toxic for the fishes and plants. Before I found this problem almost all  my fishes and even the plants were killed. The only fishes I could save at that time where the Corydoras melanistius and Betta splendens and also the plant Nymphaea lotus "green" I could save. This even after the glue had harden for a pretty long time. To prevent such a bad experience it wise to ask in the aquarium store for special aquarium glue. This isn't toxic after it's harden, which can safe a lot of frustration and money, because if you've used the wrong glue for the back wall you will have to start all over again.

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