The aquarium

The aquarium I describe on this homepage is my first aquarium. That's why I decided not to buy a really big aquarium. Also my house mates didn't want a real big aquarium in the house, so it was decided that the maximum length of the aquarium would be 70 cm. This isn't a standard length for a aquarium in the Netherlands, which was one of the reasons why I bought a custom made aquarium of HS minireef. Other reasons why a choose for a aquarium of this brand were the great choose in colors en the thickness of the glass (thicker than the most standard aquariums) which guarantees a strong aquarium. The facts about my aquarium are put in the table below.  

Brand HS Minireef
Measurements  L*B*WH (cm) 70*35*40
Capacity (liters) 86 liters
Thickness of the glass (mm) 4

The aquariums of HS minireef  are for sale with a fitting cabinet, but I choose to make my own cabinet under my aquarium (or actually my father made it). This I have done to save some money and the self-made cabinet fitted better with the rest of the room than the HS cabinets . It's also possible to buy the aquarium with a internal filter in it. This I haven't don for reasons which I will explain on the page about the filter. Also the lighting which was provided with the aquarium is described on a other page, namely the lighting page. For some photographs of my aquarium you could check out the Photograph album page.


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