Links to sites of aquarium associations



Belgium internet site of the aquarium club Aquarianen Gent vzw in the Dutch language. This neat Internet site contains among other things info about the club, filters, tropical fishes, cichlids, plants, ponds and a lot of other articles. The articles on this site are written in a nice to read way, which makes this site certainly word a visit.
Internet site in the English language of the Aquatic Gardeners Association, which call themselves a association of plant lovers. This site contains information about how to get a member, articles and links. This association also has his own bookstore where members can find books about aquarium plants. There aren't a lot of articles on this site, but the quality of the articles certainly justify a visit.
Site in the English language of the DFW Aquatic Plant Club. This is an organization comprised of individuals with an interest in the propagation of aquatic plants. Among other things this site contains articles, a photo gallery and links to other aquarium sites. Besides this the site also contains information about the aim and activities of the DFW Aquatic Plant Club.
Multi language Internet site of KilliFish Nederland, an association for hobbyist keepers and breeders of Egg-laying Toothcarp. This site contains information in Dutch and in English, but the Dutch section contains more information than the English. Among other things this site contains information about the association, articles and an introduction to some Killi-species.
Internet site about the aquarium club De natuurvriend. This site (only in Dutch) gives a reflection of the club and also contains a large number of pages of various subjects and photos about the aquarium.
Internet site of the Nederlandse Bond Aqua Terra (Dutch aquarium and terrarium association). Among other things this site contains a shop, links, info, book reviews and articles. These articles are from their magazine "Het aquarium". This is a good and informative site, where everyone (who can read Dutch) also can advertise. This site you certainly must see.
Dutch Internet site of the aquarium club De Paradijsvis. Among other things this site contains information about the club, articles, a plants index and a fishes index. The plants and fishes index on this site contain a large number of links to pages on the Internet about fishes and plants, sorted in Alphabetical order on the names of the plants and fishes.
Dutch Internet site of Poecilia Nederland, an association for lovers of life bearing toothcarp. Among other things this site contains information about Poecilia Nederland, articles, information about books and a list of links to other sites about life bearing toothcarp.
Internet site of the Belgium aquarium and terrarium club Tanichthys-Hassalt, that's written in the Dutch language. Besides information about the club, this site also contains general information, info about events and links to other sites. The general information on this site is divided in the categories fishes, plants, terrarium and garden ponds.

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