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This site mostly contains a large number of links to other aquarium sites. Very handy for someone looking for other aquarium sites. is a Dutch site that contains a very large amount of links to other Internet sites about aquariums. Although a large number of the links are to Dutch pages there are also are a lot of links to pages written in English. The links on this site are sorted in categories. A number of these categories are: general, fresh water, salt water, biotope, food and technique.
Aquarium.startinbelgie is a Belgium links site with a large number of links to sites about aquariums, ponds and terrariums. The links on this site are sorted in a large number of categories. Therefore if you are looking for a site about a specific subject you don't have to read a long list of sites, but can just go to the sites about the subject you are looking for.
Site in the English language named This site contains a large number of links to other aquarium sites. The links on this page are sorted in two main categories called links and fishes. The category links contains links to sites sorted on subject of the site and the category fishes contains links to sites about certain fishes. Especially if someone is looking for info about a certain fish this site is very handy.
Fish Link Central is an American Internet site which is fully dedicated to links to other sites about the subject aquarium. The links can be found with a search engine or by subject. A number of this subjects are catfish, breeding, photo's and even games. If someone is looking for sites about aquariums this site can give a helping hand.
Fish top50 is an site fully dedicated to aquarium links. The list with links can be viewed by rankings or the country the site is from. The rankings are based on the number of visitors a site has had, so the sites with the most visitors are on top of the list. is aquarium link site in the English language. The links on the site are divided in a number of categories. A number of the categories are reef, discus, marine, tropical, commercial and ponds.

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