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Aqua Botanic is a American Internet site that's dedicated to aquarium plants. Among other things this site contains articles, links, photos and a explanation of "difficult" words. The photo gallery of this site contains a lot of photos of planted aquariums along with links to the sites of these aquariums. This site is definitely word a visit.
Aquaplant is a search engine for information about aquarium plants in the English language. The information about aquarium plants can be found through a number of question forms which vary from a simple form for beginners till  a large form for plant experts. The index of the search engine is made of the information of more than 30 sites about aquarium plants. The links too these sites can also be found on this site.
Aquatic Concepts is an American site about the planted aquarium inspired by the book "The optimum aquarium". Despite of most planted aquariums the authors of this site prefer to keep large fishes like Discus or Rainbow fishes in their planted aquariums. This site contains all aspects of the aquariums of the authors like the technique, plants and fishes and experiences they gained with it. The personal style the site is written in makes it a pleasure to read the large amount of useful information on this site.
Internet site in the English language of the Aquatic Gardeners Association, which call themselves a association of plant lovers. This site contains information about how to get a member, articles and links. This association also has his own bookstore where members can find books about aquarium plants. There aren't a lot of articles on this site, but the quality of the articles certainly justify a visit.
Aquatic plants list is a Internet site in the English language that's mend as medium to exchange information about aquarium plants. People can ask questions on this site or can react on questions which are placed on the site. If you have problems with your plants or want to exchange your knowledge about aquarium plants this is the right place for it.
The crypts pages is a Internet site that's fully dedicated to the well know plant species of cryptocorynes. All aspects of these plants are described on this page like for example the species, where they grown and how to cultivated them. There also is a photo gallery of crypts which contains beautiful photos of crypts and their flowers. For people interested in crypts this certainly a site they don't wane miss.
Multi-language Internet site of the German company Dennerle. This site features the following three languages: English, German and French. Besides plants this  grower of plants also has other products in his assortment which ligature with aquarium plants. Among other things this site features product info, articles, tips and a plants database. The plants database is very extensive. This database can only be searched with the help of a search-form, but pitiful not also with a names list. This page also features examples for setting up different kinds of planted aquariums. These examples are truly done and made clear with pictures and a ground-plan. Also the used techniques and fishes of these aquariums are described along with the eventual algae problems of these aquariums. This is definitely a site worth one or more visits. 
Site in the English language of the DFW Aquatic Plant Club. This is an organization comprised of individuals with an interest in the propagation of aquatic plants. Among other things this site contains articles, a photo gallery and links to other aquarium sites. Besides this the site also contains information about the aim and activities of the DFW Aquatic Plant Club.
Echinodoren is an Internet site about the plants specie Echinodorus (Sword plants), written in the German language. Among other things this site features general information about Echinodorus species, articles, information about technique, frequently asked questions and a plants gallery. In the plants gallery a large number of Echinodorus species are described among with good photographs of them. A large number of the species that are described are new cultivars. Besides information about Echinodorus species a large number of the articles on this site can also be used as general information about aquarium plants.
Internet site of the German plants grower Hans Barth Dessau. This site should feature the English and German language but when I last visited, the "English" page was also in German. On this site is mentioned that they have about 150 plant species in their assortment, but they don't have a database of it on the site. On this site is not so many text, but there are truly beautiful photo's of plants on this site, pitiful without description about the plants. The beautiful photo's don't make the site fast, but these photo's are the thing that make this site worth a visit.

The Krib contains information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web. The specialties of the site are freshwater aquatic plants and dwarf cichlids, but you may find information on a variety of subjects.
Internet site of the Danish plans grower Tropica. This site is in the English languages and some of the articles on the site are available in more languages. Among other things this site contains articles, news and a plants database. This very users friendly plants database can also be downloaded for offline use. The plants database along with a number of good articles certainly justify a visit to this site.

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