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The age of aquariums is an interactive American Internet site written in the languages English and Spanish. This site contains a large number of subjects like for example fishes, plants, articles, books, tales and links. For a number of these subjects like fishes and plants the visitors of the site can send in their own experiences which will be displayed on the site.
The Apple Snail Website is an Internet site devoted to the apple snail (Ampullariidae). The most information on this site is in the English language but there also is information in Dutch, German and Portuguese on this site. Besides a large amount of information about the apple snail this site also contains information about other snails and general information about snails. This site also his a link section with a large amount of links to other sites about (apple) snails.
Aquarium & Vijver is a Belgium Internet site (written in Dutch) about the aquarium and ponds. This site describes the basis of keeping an aquarium and pond. Also there is a links page on this site.
Aquatic Concepts is an American site about the planted aquarium inspired by the book "The optimum aquarium". Despite of most planted aquariums the authors of this site prefer to keep large fishes like Discus or Rainbow fishes in their planted aquariums. This site contains all aspects of the aquariums of the authors like the technique, plants and fishes and experiences they gained with it. The personal style the site is written in makes it a pleasure to read the large amount of useful information on this site.
Beginner's tropical aquarium Nagarajan is a site written in English mend for beginners, but more experienced people can probably also find something the like on this site. Besides a large description about all parts of the aquarium this site also contains a description of a number of fishes, a number of articles and a picture gallery.

Homepage written in Dutch, called Blub aquarium homepage. Among other things this site contains a chat room and a links page. At this moment (2-2-01) this site relative new and therefore there still is a lot under construction, but in the near future this will probably change.

Despite the English name Find Fish this site is only written in Dutch. This site contains information about a large number of aquarium fishes and plants. The information given per fish or plant is a bit short. Besides the main things to know about the fishes and plants, all descriptions also contain a photograph of described fish or plant.
FishDoc is an English site about fish diseases in the aquarium and pond. Besides information about fish diseases and how to treat them this site also contains information about preventing fish diseases through fish health.

Guy's Aquarium Website is a very complete American website about the fresh water aquarium. Besides information about the tropical fresh water aquarium there also is information about the cold water aquarium on this site. Because this site contains a large number of categories you can easily find the information you like. Due to the use of explaining pictures the text on this site is nice to read and easy to understand.
JAWS is an American Internet site about the aquarium. This large site contains among other things  an auction, forums, articles, fish pictures, links and a chat room. At the time I visited this site (28-10-00) the auction was new on this site and didn't contain any products yet, but I'm sure this will change in the near future.
Junior Aquarium Helpdesk is a Belgium Internet site written in the languages Dutch and English. This site gives information about installing and maintaining a tropical fresh water aquarium in a simple a clear way. This site also contains a number of good photo's of aquarium fishes and plants.
Dutch aquarium and terrarium site called Kara Inci. This site can be used as an aquarium encyclopedia. The site contains a large amount of information about the aquarium and terrarium. Especially the chapter about pets contains a large amount of description about fishes, reptiles and other animals.

The Krib contains information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web. The specialty here is freshwater aquatic plants and dwarf cichlids, but you may find information on a variety of subjects.
On this German Internet site the private aquarium of Markus Schwarz is describes. This site gave me the idea to make my own site about my aquarium. This is a very neat and orderly site which is certainly word a visit if you don't have to much problems with reading the German language.
Myfishtank is an interactive site about the aquarium, written in English. It's a place where people can input their own opinions on fish, plants, aquarium products etc. This site also has a page with aquarium photo's, articles and links to other sites about aquariums.
Nature aquarium world is an Internet site in English about the nature aquarium. This excellent site contains among other things a beginners manual, mini-encyclopedia, photo gallery and tips. Everything on this site is from outstanding quality. Especially the beginners manual, which describes how to build up a nature aquarium from first begin to the first four weeks, is very good.
Price list of pets in Holland is an multilanguage (Dutch and English) Internet site. This site feature the prices that have to be paid for pets in the Netherlands. In the sections about fishes the prices of more than 150 aquarium and pond fishes can be found in Dutch guilders and Euros.
Tonis Seite is an Austrian aquarium site written in the German language. On this large site are among other things information about aquarium chemistry, tips, product reviews and links. Especially the product reviews (that can be found under the categorie Erfahrungen I personally find very handy.
Belgium aquarium site in the Dutch language called Het virtueel aquarium. This site contains the following subjects: discussion, fishes, books, clubs, shops and links. Especially the subject fishes is very handy because it contains a large fishes database.

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