The fertilization

I use the plant fertilization system of the brand Dupla in my aquarium (see picture on the right). This fertilization system exist of three different parts. On this page I shall first describe the Dupla fertilization system. Hereafter I'll describe my personal experience with this fertilization system.

The Dupla fertilization system

The first part of the Dupla fertilization system is Duplarit G. This is a laterite addition to the substrate of the aquarium. This can be used when setting up a new aquarium. For use in established aquariums or after-treatment of the substrate there also is the product Duplarit K, which are laterite balls.

The second part of the fertilization system is a basic fertilizer, named Duplaplant. This are tablets which are used when setting up an aquarium and with water changes.

The third part of the fertilization system is a 24-hours fertilizer named Duplaplant24. This fertilizer is mend for daily use and contains rapidly consumed nutrients, as iron and trace elements.

My personal experience with the Dupla system

The first thing I noticed after setting up my aquarium was that with normal use of the fertiliser system the iron level of the water was about 0.5 mg/l instead of the advised 0.1 mg/l. This probably because of the iron which sets free from the laterite substrate while filling the aquarium. However the advised amount of one tablet per 20 liters of water is much more then needed. In the beginning I used a half tablet per 20 liters of water with the weekly water change of water and now only a fourth tablet per 20 liters of water once in two times of water changing. Also the 24-hours fertiliser I use much less than advised. Only in the week I don't use the basic fertiliser I use the 24-hours fertiliser and then still only 1 till 3 drops a week (advised 1 drop per 50 liters per day).

I've also haven't used any 24-hours fertilizer for a while and only used the basic fertilizer with the water changes. Although the iron level of the water stayed this way on the desired 0.1 mg/l, there where plants in my aquarium which got ugly leaves. This probably because a shortage of trace elements because of the lack of trace elements in the basic fertilizer. By using the fertilizer as described in the above paragraph this problem was solved.

I also have to decrease the use of fertilizer in the winter period. This because in this time of the year the plants grow a bit slower because of cold feet (often a low temperature in my room). Therefore they use less nutrients and less fertilizer is needed for the plants. If I keep using the same amount of fertilizer in the winter as in the summer the iron level of the water will increase. Therefore I regularly test the iron level of the water so this doesn't get to high. Although in the summer the iron level of the water is more constant, it's also wise to test the iron level of the water in the summer.

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