Acanthophtalmus kuhlii

Common name
Kuhli loach

Pangio kuhlii

Peaceful, shy fish that always stays at the bottom of the aquarium.

My experiences
This fish reached within two years a length of 7 till 8 cm in my aquarium. Most time of the day this fish hides itself somewhere under the root wood in my aquarium. There was a time this fish didn't even came out of this place while feeding the fish. Recently this fish shows itself more than before, although I don't now the reason for this. (Through e-mail I got a reaction that when you keep a number of these fishes (for example 3) they get less shy). If this fish doesn't show itself when feeding it is wise to put some food in the aquarium so now and then when the light is already off.

The picture of this page is taken from my own aquarium.

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