Corydoras panda

Friendly and restful fish which lives near the bottom of the aquarium.

My experiences
The behaviour of this Corydoras species is much simulair of the behaviour of C. melanistius.

Although I don't think this fish is sensible for diseases, I still lost two out of three of these fishes pretty fast through a for me unknown disease, which seemed to affect only the Corydoras species in my aquarium. A short medicine cure in the aquarium didn't helped. Therefore I placed the four remaining Corydoras fishes (of three species) in a quarantine aquarium and gave them a five days cure of a combination of eSHa 2000 and Exit (see also the medicines page), followed by the use of a vitamin preparation. After about one month I placed all the corydoras species back to the main aquarium. At this time (a few weeks later) they haven't given any problems yet.

The picture of this page is taken from my own aquarium.

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