Epalzeorhynchus sp. 

Common name
False siamensis

Garra taeniata

Algae eater that looks much similar to E. siamensis and is often changed with this fish. E. sp. is however a much less good algae eater than E. siamensis and is much preferably be held solitary.

My experiences
This fish have reached a length of about 8 cm in my aquarium. Although both of the fish in my aquarium daily have fights (and sometimes also with the E. siamensis), they don't injure each other. For the rest in the aquarium it's probably better to keep only one of these fishes in the aquarium. Also the most dominant of the two is bigger and has better colors than the other. Besides this these fishes did not gave any problems in my aquarium and never had a disease, but aren't such good algae eaters as E. siamensis.

The picture of this page is taken from my own aquarium.

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