Paracheirodon innesi

Nice looking shoal fish which like to play with fish of the same species (also with P. axelrodi).

My experiences
n my aquarium this fish gave a problem because they got infected with the "neon disease" (where no good cure for is). Therefore the number of these fishes in my aquarium has slowly decreased and at this time there is no fish of this species left. Although it must be said that not all of these fishes died because of the neon disease. The number of these fishes which died, I replaced with P. axelrodi which can't be harmed with this disease. In my opinion is P. axelrodi is also a stronger species than P. innesi, although this opinion is not shared in most aquarium literature.

The picture of this page is taken from the Sera info brochure 'Zo richt ik mijn aquarium in'.

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