Fishes database

This page contains a database of the fishes I've held in my aquarium since began with it. f you click on one of the thumbnails on the left of this page the page of the desired fish will be opened in this window. Most of this the water had a pH value of 7.2 and a GH of 5 till 8 dH. The pH value of the water is recently decreased till pH 7.0. On each page about a fish I will give the scientific name, synonymy , common name (if known by me), a description of the fish, my experience with the fish and at least one clear photograph of the fish. Most of this picture are from my own aquarium. The other pictures are scans from books. At the bottom of each page about a plant, I've made a foot-note of the origin of the photographs. The books mentioned on the bottom of this page are also described on the literature page.