The basis food I use in my aquarium is DuplaRin Medium of the brand Dupla. This is granulate food that not only floats on the water surface like most dry fish food but also sinks to the bottom. In this way fish existing in all three zones of the aquarium (top, middle zone, bottom area) are supplied with food. 

The quantity of food that reaches the bottom of my aquarium is actually to low to provide my fishes that live on the bottom of my aquarium with enough food. Therefore I always give these fishes a half food tablet. The tablets I use are from the brand Landman. Although these tablets fall apart pretty soon I still have chosen for this brand because it just drives the fishes mad. I also have used tablets of the brand Dupla for a while, but these couldn't impress my fishes so I switched back to the tablets of Landman. Although these tablets have the small disadvantage that they fall apart pretty soon (which pollutes the water a bit), this is also a benefit because this way there will be bits of tablet spread all over the bottom of the aquarium so the more shy fishes also get enough to eat.

Besides the above mentioned food I also give my fishes live food. This I give up to a maximum of ones a week. The sorts of live food I give are: red mosquito larvae, white mosquito larvae, water-fleas and tubifex. Red mosquito larvae, enriched brown shrimps and tubifex I don't feed often, because these sorts of live food can be polluted because they live in mud-bottoms. Also I place these sorts of live food minimal one day in a bucket filled with clear water to remove the possible pollution from them. In general live feed will pollute the aquarium water more than dry feed, but live feed has also a positive influence on the health and growth of the fishes and the fishes are just mad about it.

Recently I saw a new fish food in the aquarium store named Fresh Delica of the brand Tetra. This food is described as a nutritious jelly that contains three times as many nutrients as frozen food. This food is sold in a box with 16 bags of jelly. I myself tried the flavors brine shrimp and daphnia. I myself think this is a good addition to the other food I use. A disadvantage of this food is that (in my opinion) this food pollutes the aquarium more than the other foods I use. This because when the fishes eat the jelly a lot of small parts of it (that are too small to eat) keep floating in the water. Therefore I use this food up to a maximum of two times a week to prevent polluting of the aquarium water.

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