Tropische aquariumvissen encyclopedie

Author: Esther J.J. Verhoef-Verhallen


In this book a large number of popular aquarium fishes are describes and also some less well known. This isn't a book that has something new to report, but is handy to have when you're looking what fishes you want in your aquarium. Also this is a very cheap book that only costs about 15 gilders (around 6.5 dollar), but I think this book is only for sale in the Dutch language.

ISBN nr: 90 366 1076 1


Tirion atlas aquariumvissen

Authors: Wally kahl, Burkard Kahl, Dieter Vogt


This book describes over 750 populair and less well know aquarium fishes. I think this is an ideal book of reference to find information about fishes you're looking for. A pitty thing is that the information given per fish is very briefly and also it is not always clear of which fish a photograph is, because the photographs are placed on the pages besides the pages with information about the fishes.

ISBN nr: 90 5210 317 8

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