Het optimale aquarium

Authors: Kasper Horst en Horst E. Kipper.

In this book Mr. Horst and Mr. Kipper explain their idea about the optimal aquarium. With the help of a lot of examples they try to convince the reader about their opinion and also other opinions of other people are given in the book (which they always try to refute). This is definitely a book you can learn a lot of but you must always realize when reading this book that the authors of this book are working for the company Dupla and that they also don't have a problem with exposing their products in this book. This book is released in a lot of language namely: German (Das optimale aquarium - ISBN 3-925916-15-6), English (The Optimum Aquarium (out of print at the moment)), French (L'Aquarium Optimal - ISBN 3-925916-11-3) and  Italian (L'acquario ottimale - ISBN 88-85178-02-2).

ISBN nr: 3 925916 12 1


Mijn eerste aquarium

Author: Kasper Horst

The idea of this book is similar to the idea of the book 'Het optimale aquarium', but is mainly written for beginners and youth. Also in this book the authors expose the products of Dupla a lot. In my opinion people starting a aquarium must realize that the aquarium as described in this book is a aquarium (although it is a good system) that is pretty expensive.This book is released in a lot of language namely: German (Mein erstes Aquarium - ISBN 3-925916-24-5), English (My First Aquarium - ISBN 3-925916-20-2), French (Mon premier aquarium - ISBN 3-925916-21-0) and  Italian (Il mio acquario - ISBN 88-85178-03-0).

ISBN nr: 3 925916 22 9


Het moderne aquarium

Author: Ulrich Schliewen

A book with a very good layout that describes all the main aspects about fresh water aquariums like: setting up, maintenance, biotope aquariums, feed and diseases. Also a number of well known aquarium plants and fishes are described, only the author sometimes mentions to extreme values for some fishes and plants. Like a for example a CO2 value of the water of 30 mg/l for certain plants what is a much to high value for the fishes over a long period. Also with some fishes there are water values mentioned like a pH of 4.5 for Paracheirodon axelrodi, which in nature maybe is a normal value for this fish, but in a normal aquarium this value is much to low for almost all the plants. But besides these points it is a good book that is certainly worth reading.

ISBN nr: 90 5210 137 x


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