Author: Ines Scheurmann


Pretty thin book, written in Dutch, about aquarium plants, which nice color photographs. Also things like aquarium technique, choosing plants, plant diseases and cultivating plants are described in this book. There are also about 50 aquarium plants described in this book. In my opinion this is a bit few compared with the number of species you can find in the store.

ISBN nr: 90 5210 191 4


Handboek aquariumplanten

Author: Christel Kasselmann


An 470 pages thick book about aquarium plants. The version I read was written in Dutch, but the original book is written in German. First the environment the plants grow in are described and the meaning of the ecological factors when keeping aquarium plants in the aquarium. After this flower morphology is described and how to cultivate aquarium plants. In the final part of the book more than 300 aquarium plants are described. Also a photographs of every described plant are given. All take together this is a good and interesting book aquarium plants. There are only two small minor parts. The first is that of the described cryptocoryne often only a picture of the flower is given, while I myself am more interested in a picture of the plant. The second point is the price of the book, namely 85 gilders (about 35 dollar).

ISBN nr: 90 5210 280 5


Sera aquariumpflanzen katalog


Not really literature, but still very handy for determining aquarium plants in the shop. In this catalogue, written in German, more than 100 aquarium plants are described along with a photograph of them of how the plants look in the shop. This because the plants in the shop normally look different from a plant that has been in the aquarium for a while. Most aquarium books shown the plants how they look in the aquarium and because of this it is often difficult to determine a plant in the shop with a normal book. Because this catalogue shows how the plants look in the shop it's very handy to determine plants in the shop.


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