The maintenance of my aquarium I try to limit to once a week. On this day I change about a quarter of the water of my aquarium. This water is normal tap water mixed with a part of osmosis water. I do this to decrease the hardness of the water. The water for my aquarium a always mix a day before I use it and also put a bit of the product Aquatan of the brand Sera in it (see also water treatment) I mix the water always a day before I use it so the chlorine and heavy metals that are possibly in it can be removed and or neutralized. Before I use this water in my aquarium I increase the temperature till it has about the same temperature as the water in my aquarium with the help of boiled water. I never use hot tap water because this can contain heavy metals like copper because it has been in the heater for a too long time.

Besides changing the water I  remove the algae from the aquarium glass with the help of filtration wads. Also the work on the plants I try to limit to the same day as I do the other maintenance of the aquarium. The work on the plants exist of shorten the plants, removing old ugly leaves and thinning out.

The maintenance of the filter I describe on a other page of this site, namely the filter page.