On this page I'll describe the medicines I've used in my aquarium. About these medicines I describe on which disease I've used it and my experiences with them. I tried categories the medicines on the diseases I've used them for. This catogories are: fin rot, white spot discease and various.

Fin rot

Fishes with fins that can damage easily, get sometimes, right after I buy them the disease fin rot. If this isn't to serious or if it is only one fish, I mosly don't use medicines for it. This because medicines mostly affect the biological balance of the aquarium in a negative way. If the disease is serious I myself always use the medicine 'Unicell' of the brand HS for fin rot. Mostly I don't use this medicine for more than three days. It's possible to use this medicine for a longer period or use an overdose of it, but I myself would never do this unless I've put the sick fish in a quarantine aquarium. This because this medicine has a negative influence on the plants in the aquarium, in my aquarium especially on the vallisneria species. If you have a lot of algae's in your aquarium this medicine can also help you a bit of getting the algae's out of the aquarium. In my aquarium this medicine has helped me with this, although I off course didn't used the medicine especially for this reason. Despite of the negative side effects of this medicine a three day treatment can a big help for curing your fishes. Fishes that aren't fully cured after three days in my aquarium, mostly get healthy again some days later.

White spot discease

Although the white spot disease is one of the most common fish diseases it took over three years before I got this disease in my aquarium for the first time (on a few Cardinal tetras). Besides the time it took till this disease appeared in my aquarium, I already had medicines for this disease from the start of my aquarium incase I would got this disease. Besides the medicines I have for this disease my first attempts to stop this disease on my fishes wasn't with the use of medicines, but by razing the temperature of my aquarium water to about 29 till 30 degrees Celsius. This temperature is supposed to be lethal for the white spot disease, while the biological balance is hardly or not harmed. I have managed the high temperature for about a week before I lowered this back to the normal value of 25 degrees Celsius. After this time the white spots had become smaller, but it looked like they were slowly disappearing.


Unfortunately the white spots came back after about one month so this time I decided to use a medicine for it. Because I have fishes (Microgeophagus ramirezi) in my aquarium that are very sensitive for chemicals like medicines I chose for the medicine Exit of the brand eSHa. This because I knew it didn't had any negative site effects when my sister used it ones in an aquarium with young goldfishes. Also because the directions for use told that this medicines didn't even harm very sensitive fishes, I took my change with it without using quarantine tanks for my Microgeophagus ramirezis. After about three days I stopped with the medicine. After this time all the white spots had disappeared while my Microgeophagus ramirezis where still in good shape. After this the white spots haven't returned in my aquarium.


Another medicine that can be used with the white spot disease is the medicine Femse of the brand Colombo. Before I knew about the medicine Exit this medicine was my first choice for the white spot disease. I myself never used it but in the past my sister has used this medicine with success in an aquarium with Xiphophorus maculatus, but personally I prefer the medicine Exit. This medicine should also work with fungal infections but the experience with fungal infections with this medicine are less positive. I myself think that the above mentioned medicine 'Unicell' is more suitable for this. 


A medicine that doesn't fit in the two categories above is the medicine 'eSHa 2000' of the brand eSHa. This is a medicine with a wide application area which can be used against/for primary and secondary fungus, bacterial infections, healing of wounds and parasite worms. This medicine can also be used along with the medicine 'Exit' (which is also described on this page), so even more disease can be cured at ones. This medicine also shouldn't kill the good bacteria of the aquarium according to the instruction manual. If the medicine truly works for all the above mentioned I don't know. I myself only use this medicine if I notice that fishes are sick and I don't know what disease they have. Especially because this medicine doesn't affect the biological balance of the aquarium you can use this medicine preventive when you suspect there are sick fishes in the aquarium, but don't know for sure.

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