My fishes

On this page I'll describe the fishes I have in my aquarium. The names and number of the fishes are put in the table below. For more info about these fishes you could check out the fishes database. Besides and under the table I give an explanation about the fishes and table.

Name of fish Number
Acanthophtalmus kuhlii 1
Microgeophagus ramirezi 3
Carnegiella strigata 4-6 (4)
Corydoras leucomelas 4-6 (1)
Corydoras melanistius (2)
Corydoras panda (1)
Epalzeorhynchus sp. 2
Epalzeorhynchus siamensis 1
Octocinclus affinis 2
Paracheirodon axelrodi 7-10 (10)
Total 27

By a number of species in the table is first mentioned a value (like 4-6) followed by a number between brackets. The first value reflects the minimum and maximum number of this kind of fishes. The number between brackets reflects the actual number of this kind of fish that are in my aquarium.

Also there are some different species wherefore the minimum and maximum of the aquarium depends on a number of species of fishes which are much alike. With the corydoras species this comes because I couldn't find the same species again in the store when the original number of C. Melanistius became to small. Therefore I've put other Corydoras species in the tank to complete the shoal again.

The two fishes named Epalzeorhynchus sp. I have bought as Epalzeorhynchus siamensis, but after a while they turned out to be E. sp. Although I've know for a while this wasn't the right fish, I couldn't find the name of it in any book or on a Internet site. Recently a article on the site of the Aquatic Gardeners Association I finally found the actual name of this fish. It seems that the two mentioned fish are regularly changed in store and even sometimes in literature.

Maybe you've noticed that the population of my aquarium don't meet with the so called '1 cm fish on 1 liter of water'-rule. My population is more than this. Yet my nitrate level of the water is with 5 mg/l absolute not to high. This rule which is often mentioned in aquarium literature is a very safe rule. I think that, especially with a small aquarium, a aquarium with only 1 cm fish on 1 liter water is aquarium with only few fishes where the plants are a bigger eye-catcher that the fishes. I think that, if you don't give your fishes to much food (don't hunger the fishes either) and weekly changes a bit of the aquarium water a bigger number of fishes is possible than according to the '1cm fish on 1 liter water'-rule. 

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