My plants

On this page I'll describe the plants I have in my aquarium. Below this text is a table which contains the names and places of the plants in my aquarium and also when I bought them. The numbers in the table reflect to the numbers on the picture of the top-view of my aquarium. Under this picture I'll make some explanations about the places of the plants. For more detailed descriptions of these plants and other plants I've had in my aquarium can be found in the plants database.

Name of plant (scientific)

No. on picture

Valisneria americana var. biwaŽnsis

Cryptocoryne undulata 2
Nymphaea Lotus 3
Rotala rotundifolia 4
Cryptocoryne crispatula 5
Cryptocoryne wendtii 6
Lobelia cardinalis 7
Bacopa caroliniana 8
Stronk kienhout 9

Information about the places of the plants

The plant reflected by number 3 on the picture (Nymphaea lotus) is variable of his size (see also plants database). If this plant is small it's about the size of the blue oval. If the plant is big it also covers a part of the yellow and brown part on the picture. Therefor it's wise to use plants besides this plant that doesn't need to much light, because of the shadow the Nymphaea lotus gives.

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