Althernanthera reineckii 'Lilacina'

A. reineckii 'Lilacina' in my aquarium
A. reineckii 'Lilacina' shortly after I bought it.

Telanthera 'Lilacina'

Stem plant with pointed leaves. If this plant gets sufficient light the upper side of the leaves are dark-red and the downside of the leaves is colored lilac. This plant grows pretty slow so you don't have to shorten this plant often. This plant gets many branches which also can be planted when there big enough. Because this plant is cultivated above the water before it goes to the store. Therefore the leaves of the plants aren't as red as on the top photograph of this page, but will look like the photograph on the bottom of this page.

My experiences
Because the leaves on the bottom of the plant generally don't get enough light, this leaves will fall of the plant after a while. In my aquarium the leaves of thess plants get more green than red after I've had them in my aquarium for a few months. This probably because the light in my aquarium is not strong enough for this plant or through exhaustion of the plants because of the times the plants are shortened and must make new roods. I've had this plant in my aquarium three times and every time I had it lasted for about 6 months, before it went ugly and I toke them out of my aquarium. With this plant one has to look out the plant don't take too much light away from each other. Last time I bought this plant I planted to many plants at ones and the plant didn't grew as good as other times. When I took about the half of the plants out of the aquarium after one month the rest of the plants pretty soon grew a lot better, although the leaves of the plants aren't as red as the former plants I had.

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stood in the mid-back of my aquarium. The lighting I used at the time was a 0.42 Watt/liter lumilux TL lighting (2*18 Watt).
The pictures on this page are from my own aquarium.

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