Cryptocoryne crispatula

Cryptocoryne crispatula in my aquarium

Easy to keep Cryptocoryne for the aquarium. This plant has crispy velvet leaves. There are a number of variety of this plant, of which the variety var. balansae is the most common. Probably the plant in my aquarium is also form this variety.

My experiences
At this time (4-11-01) I only have this plant in my aquarium for about five week so my personal experiences with this plant are limited at this time. After I had this plant in my aquarium for about one week the plants started to form the first new leaves. Now I have this plant in my aquarium for about five weeks the plants are growing well, but new leaves are formed very slowly. Despite of the slow growth of this plant it looks like that this plant has a good resistance against algae at this time.

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stands in the right-back of my aquarium. The lighting I use is 0.63 Watt/liter standard TL lighting (3*18 Watt).
The picture on this page is taken from my own aquarium.

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