Didiplis diandra

Didiplis diandra in an aquarium

Peplis diandra

Stem plant with light-green leaves which is suitable for the front and mid zone of the aquarium. This plant has small, tender leaves. With sufficient light the plant gets a bit red tops and small brown flowers.

My experiences
Although the plant got slightly red tops and small brown flowers in my aquarium (which normally means the plant is growing well), there still came a lot of algae's on it. Therefore I my opinion is that this plant isn't suitable for a new aquarium. I myself have used it right from the start of my aquarium and this wasn't a success. This plant was namely the basis for a algae plague in my aquarium. This algae plague lasted for a few months in my aquarium even when this plant was already removed.

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stood in the left-front of my aquarium. The lighting I used at the time was a 0.42 Watt/liter lumilux TL lighting (2*18 Watt).
The picture on this page is taken from the book 'Handboek aquariumplanten' of Christel Kasselmann.

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