Echinodorus x barthii

Echinodorus x barthii in my aquarium
Roots formed by Echinodorus x barthii after about 1.5 years in my aquarium

Echinodorus "osiris doppelt rot"

In a rosette growing aquarium plant. The leaves of this plant have the shape of a sword and are colored dark-red (see first photograph on this page). If the leaves get a bit older they keep a red color but clearly with some green in it.

My experiences
I've had this plant in my aquarium for 1.5 years and most of this time it has done it very well. At his best days this plant was about 15 cm high and it had a diameter of about 25 cm. The last 3 months it slowly became less beautifull. First the leaves didn't get as red as before and the leaves also were tinner. The last 1 to 2 months there also become a lot more algae's on the leaves of this plant. Therefore I decided to remove it from my aquarium. The second photo of this pages shows the plant after I removed it from my aquarium. 

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stood in the mid-front of my aquarium. The lighting I used at the time was a 0.42 Watt/liter lumilux TL lighting (2*18 Watt).
The photos on this page are taken from my own aquarium.

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