Hygrophila corymbosa

Hygrophila corymbosa in my aquarium

Nomaphila siamesis, Justicia stricta, Nomaphila stricta, Hygrophila stricta.

Straight stem plant that's for sale in a number of different forms. The most common form has large egg-shaped light green leaves. Other forms on the market vary in the leave form and / or the color of the leaves.

My experiences
I have had this plant in my aquarium for about 6 weeks. I placed this plant in my aquarium at the time I had more (pointed) algae in my aquarium than normally. I hoped that this plant would have a good resistance to these algae as the plant Hyrophila corymbosa 'compact'. Unfortunately this plant was more sensitive to (pointed) algae than I suspected, by which I removed this plant from my aquarium after about 6 weeks. But it must be mentioned that at the time I had this plant the growing conditions in my aquarium weren't optimal. At the time I had this plant my aquarium water was colored by the set 'Dupla Algo Control Delta', which probably affected the photosynthesis of this plant. Also at the time I had this plant, it would also have suffered from so called cold feet because of the low room temperature (at that time). The growth of this plant was also slower than I had expected, but this can also because of the earlier mentioned points. In about 6 weeks this plant had reached a height of about 40 cm in my aquarium. Although the growth of this plant was less good than I suspected I must say that it was a very good looking plant. I only had three branches of this plant in my aquarium but the three plants formed a nice bunchy group, because of the many side shoots the plants formed. The largest plant I had from this specie had reached a diameter of about 30cm, which was actually a bit too large for my aquarium. However in a large aquarium with not too much (pointed) algae this would probably be a good plant to have in your aquarium.

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stood in the mid-back of my aquarium. The lighting I used at the time was a 0.42 Watt/liter lumilux TL lighting (2*18 Watt).
The picture on this page is taken from my own aquarium.

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