Nymphaea lotus "green"

Nymphaea lotus 'green' in my aquarium
Floating leave of Nymphaea lotus 'green'

Common name
Green tiger lotus

Nymphaea thermalis

Beautiful aquarium plant with big round green leaves with dark-red spots. It's a easy to keep plant.

My experiences
After I bought this plant it first lost all of his leaves but soon it started to make new ones. In my aquarium this plant grows in a sort cycle. First the plant makes small under water leaves, if these leaves get bigger the plant starts making floating leaves (see second picture on this page) and stops making under. If the floating leaves are removed regularly the plant starts making under water leaves again. Although this plant can become pretty big, I chose to use this plant in the front area of my aquarium. This because this plant has a "open structure" so it doesn't take other plants out of sight.

Place and lighting in my aquarium
This plant stands in the mid-front of my aquarium. The lighting I have used for this plant has varied between 0.42 Watt/liter standard TL lighting (2*18 Watt) till 0.63 Watt/liter standard TL lighting (3*18 Watt).
The pictures on this page are taken from my own aquarium.

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