Plants database

This page contents a plants database which contains all the plants I've (had) in my aquarium. If you click on one of the thumbnails on the left of this page the page of the desired plant will be opened in this window. Partly the information in the plants database contains general information about the plants like the scientific name, synonymy , common name (if known by me), a description of the plant and at least one photograph of the plant.

Besides the general information about the plants I also describe my own experiences I've (had) with the plants. You should consider that the experiences I've had in my aquarium with the plant can vary with experiences of others, because the circumstances the plants are held in can vary per aquarium. In my opinion the circumstances in my aquarium are reasonable good for a good plant growth. The table below gives a short impression about the positive and negative points in my aquarium that can influence the plant growth. More information about these point can be found on other pages of this site.

Information about my aquarium related to plant growth

Positive points Negative points
Good water values for most plants: pH 7-7.2, KH 4-6 dH, water temperature about 25 C. There are more pointed algae in my aquarium than I would like. Especially plants that need much light and plants with thin leaves suffer from this algae in my aquarium.
Sufficient nutrition's: substrate fertilizer, CO2 addition and a regular addition of a basic fertilizer and trace elements. In the winter the plants can suffer from the so called "cold feet" because the room temperature the aquarium stands in is mostly not higher than 10 till 15 C in the winter period and I don't have a substrate heater.
Sufficient light for most plants. The aquarium has (had) from 0.42 Watt/liter Fluorescent lights (2*18 Watt) till 0.63 Watt/liter Fluorescent lights (3*18 Watt). -