Water treatment

With water treatment products I mean products that can be used to improve the aquarium water . For a long time I used two products of the brand Sera, which I will describe first on the page. Recently I while surfing on the internet I found the site of the Easy-life of the product fluid filter medium. Because the story about this product impressed me, I decided to buy the fluid filter medium. This product I will describe below the Sera products along with my experiences with it. 

Sera watet treatment products

The product Aqutan I use to make the tap water right for the aquarium. The functions of this product are biological protection of the fish skin, removing heavy metals from the water and neutralizing chlorine. I use this product to make the water I want to use in my aquarium right for the aquarium, by putting it in the water one day before I use it in my aquarium.

The product Nitrivec is a mixture of purification bacteria that fasten the stabilizing of the aquarium. This product can be used when starting up a new aquarium and after water changing. I myself think that in a stable aquarium this is not really needed after water changing. Mostly I use this product after I've cleaned my filter and new bacteria has to settle on the new filter media.

Easy-life fluid filter medium

Easy-life fluid filter medium is a water conditioner is a very versatile product. Easy-life claims that the product does the following things:

As you can see in the sum up above this product has all the function as the product aquatan together with a large number of other functions. I myself bought this product to test if it would really decrease the amount of (pointed) algae's in my aquarium. This because the number of pointed algae's in my aquarium was a bit more than normal, because of a higher phosphate level of my aquarium water. How Easy-life fluid filter medium prevents algea problems is clearly explained on the site of Easy-life, so I won't do this on this page. A summary off my experiences with this product is described below.

After I had used this product for the first time the pointed algae in my aquarium decreased a bit and also the phosphate level had decreased a bit from about 0.2 mg/l to about 0.1 mg/l. Especially the number of pointed algae on most of my plants decreased. Only on the plant Echinodorus x barthii I had in my aquarium at that time got more pointed algae on his leaves. Although this plant already suffered a bit more from algae before I started to use this product, the number of pointed algae on this plant clearly looked a bit more after I had used fluid filter medium.

After the first little success with this product on the algae in my aquarium the number of algae started to increase after some time, although I kept using this product. The main reason for this was that the phosphate level of my aquarium water started to increase again, which was probably caused by an increase of the phosphate level of the tap water I used for my aquarium. Although this product couldn't help me with my algae problem this product still has another of good functions. I personally am not able to test all of the things that are claimed by the manufacturer, but one thing I could clearly see in my aquarium. This is that the effect of this product on the fishes is very positive. Especially my Marbled hatchetfishes clearly where much healthier since I stared using this product. Especially when the lights are of in my aquarium this fishes will sometimes jump out of the aquarium, by which they often hit the top cover of the tank or the lamps. Before I used fluid filter medium they often had white ends on their fins, because the fins where probably harmed because of a jump. These white ends mostly disappeared very slow. After I started using Easy-life fluid filter medium I've hardly got any white ends on the fins of my Marbled hatchetfishes and even if the got them the mostly disappeared within a few days. 

As I said before I personally can't see if the product really does everything the manufacturer says, but only the fact that it's seems to keep my fishes healthier than before is enough to keep me using this product. A large number of other information about this product can be found on the Internet site of the firm Easy-life. On the Internet page http://members.telering.at/anton.gabriel/easyl.htm an independent test can be read (in German) about among other things the absorption of a number of substances. On the Internet page http://www.diskus-studio.de/tipps/easylife.html an independent test can be read (in German) about reducing stress by wild discus fishes that are placed in an aquarium.

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